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Where are the Scarves? People it's cold!

Three times today I've seen people walking about the streets of Boston as if it wasn't absolutely freezing outside! With temperatures dropping below 30F, coupled with a wind or a light drizzle, we are exposed to the elements in ways we need to prepare ourselves for.

Scarves help protect the TaiYang part of the body, that which is closest to the external world, and where the Wei Qi enters, along with cold wind carrying pathogens that turn into head colds, coughs and achy joints. Our most vulnerable point of entry is the back of the neck - so keep the area warm and well-protected with a scarf or other covering. If you do get the signs of a cold, come in for acupuncture as soon as you can. We may be able to reduce the intensity of the symptoms while we help push the pathogen back out into the external world. Gua sha is something you may want to try to help 'release the exterior' - it works great for inviting those little buggers to exit the body before they settle in for what can become weeks of laying around in bed trying to 'sweat it out'.

And what's with the little tennis socks!? No! Keep those feet warm, people! Traditional Chinese medicine considers cold hands and feet to be the result of insufficient flow of blood or insufficient distribution of warming yang energy. While you are being treated with acupuncture or getting a massage, you'll notice I keep office really warm. I have a heated table, heat lamp and will use techniques to fire up your yang energy and mobilize blood flow to the extremities.

Meanwhile, you can help by keeping those tootsies and fingers well covered and cozy. I'm a fan of Smart Wool socks and skiing mittens that separate the fingers. Here's a guide from REI on buying mittens and gloves for the winter season.

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