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Michelle has been astounding helping with all types of issues. I've been sleeping better and

some common aches and pains have been relieved. Michelle is holistic in her treatment

and has a huge number of tools to provide. I 100% recommend her services! ~Dan


I have been treated by Michelle with acupuncture and other treatments for the past 8 months or so and it has been so incredibly helpful. With each session, my pain and other challenges significantly improved. She is always thorough and professional with a wonderful caring and comforting demeanor. I would highly recommend her. She will continue to be an integral part of my wellness routine.   ~Heather



I am literally astounded at how much better I feel after just 2 treatments! Apparently the daily pain and restricted movement I'd come to accept as normal doesn't have to be normal! I cannot express how overjoyed I am by my body's healing response to Michelle's treatment!   ~lisa ann 

Acupuncture has been a key part of my recovery from Lyme Disease. I love how Michelle worked to compliment and support the other treatments I was receiving. My body was better able to heal itself. It took a long time with multiple issues from the Lyme but each session was better and better. I highly recommend her. I'm looking forward to going in the future for tune-ups to stay healthy and strong.   ~Maryellen



Michelle has helped me get my life back! After suffering for 15 months with nonstop back pain

caused by labor/delivery of my daughter, I felt I was at rock bottom and stuck with the pain for

the rest of my life. I started seeing Michelle for acupuncture even though I was petrified of needles.

Even with my fear of needles, the pros far outweigh the cons!  I feel long lasting relief after each

session and am able to sleep better than I could before. Thank you Michelle!!!   ~Olivia

Michelle is amazing! She has been providing the best service and is able to decode all of the messages my body is giving me. I am sleeping better and my digestion is better than it has been in years.

She provides a GuaSha treatment that has improved mobility and eased pain that I have

been suffering from for YEARS. I highly recommend Michelle and her practice.   ~ Alexis

Michelle has been helpful in improving anxiety and urination issues along with some other minor symptoms. During my treatment sessions, she has been courteous, friendly, sympathetic, knowledgeable, and very quick to use any tools she has to improve any condition I am experiencing. I recommend Michelle to any person seeking alternative treatment for any condition.   ~Andy

I have been seeing Michelle for months now and have had vast improvement.

She is invested in her clients, gentle and concerned for their comfort with the whole process.

Alternative techniques work even for a fidgeting, talkative high energy person! 


Michelle has been a miracle worker for me. I had been going to acupuncture for 7 years prior to seeing her and although acupuncture always did a great job at providing short term benefit for my anxiety, Michelle utilized new points that I had never experienced, which finally started providing longer lasting benefit beyond a day or two. Her nature is super compassionate and caring and I feel very comfortable discussing with her any kind of mental or physical ailments that I am experiencing. During my treatment, I slip into the most incredible relaxation “trance” that I have ever felt in my life. We recently started working on fertility, which has been an ongoing struggle for me. However, I feel fully supported by Michelle as well as confident that her skills will help give my body what it needs in order to prepare it for a healthy pregnancy. Michelle will take great care of you.   ~Kristin D.

EDIT/UPDATE: Ironically, two days after I posted this review, I found out I was pregnant!! Now have a healthy 10 wk old baby boy. Thank you for your help, Michelle!!!


I have known Viriyalila/Michelle for over 20 years and have benefited from her talents many times.

She listens deeply and uses not only her knowledge but her intuition in her treatments.

In addition to helping me with many physical issues, she has inspired me to continue my own

bodywork education. Although we live on opposite coasts now, whenever I’m back in New England,

I always make time to see her. I give her my highest recommendation!   ~Lynne

I have had so many friends and family ask about my acupuncture experience, I wanted to share here to say Michelle Racine is awesome. Michelle has been helping me with the concussion symptoms I have, the ongoing migraines, and most importantly, helping me to find peace and restorative sleep after the loss of my mom and dad. She is gentle and caring and I will forever be grateful for her place in my healing process.

~ Marianne

I initially began seeing Michelle 6 months ago for help with migraines - at the time I was getting

between 2 - 3 migraines per month. Since then, I've only had one or two in total and the

symptoms were far less severe and didn't last nearly as long as they normally would.

Michelle has also been able to help with sleep, stress relief and anxiety.


I have been seeing Michelle for several months for a chronic pain issue and have achieved great success with her treatments.  I am especially impressed with her understanding of medical conditions from a holistic perspective and her ability to treat multiple symptoms effectively.  I would highly recommend her.   ~Sheila

I was involved in a car accident that caused severe neck and upper back pain. At the recommendation

of my physician, I tried several physical therapy sessions which did not relieve the discomfort.

I did not want to take medications to mask the pain, but rather get to the root of the problem.

Acupuncture was recommended as a next step and am so thankful to have found Michelle.

Michelle is unlike any healthcare professional I’ve ever met. Over the past several months,

she has been treating my discomfort through acupuncture sessions and recommended

a specific herbal formula to continue the healing and recovery process.

Michelle is an expert in her field but above all, she is patient and caring.   ~Stefani


I've been going to Michelle for a painful nerve issue in my jaw for the last year and I cannot say enough about her skill and expertise at her craft.  She educates as well as provides me much needed relief.

She is a godsend.   ~Maria

I have seen Michelle for the past 8 or 9 months for chronic pain, fatigue, and anxiety. The acupuncture treatments have helped my pain and anxiety immensely. Her level of calm and compassionate understanding of my situation makes me feel safe and relaxed. I feel very fortunate to have found her.   ~Bobby


 Michelle goes above and beyond, showing how passionate she is about her work and her client’s well-being. She doesn’t just focus on symptoms, but the underlying causes and does a great job at explaining Chinese medicine and acupuncture. ~Kassi

Michelle is a masterful acupuncturist and healer. She cares about all her clients.

I have had amazing sessions and feel so much better after seeing Michelle.

Her acupuncture sessions are a must have part of my pain-management treatment plan.   


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