Acupuncture | Massage | Herbs

Initial Intake Appointment

For New Clients - Your appointment begins with a full health history that evolves into your pattern diagnoses, treatment plan and includes a full acupuncture session. Forms will be emailed to you for completion online. Please call or email to schedule.

90 minutes  $135

Follow-up Acupuncture

For Established Clients - After a short check in on your symptoms and progress, acupuncture treatment with adjunctive therapies as needed such as cupping or guasha. 

60 minutes  $90

Massage + Bodywork

Shiatsu-acupressure combined with myofascial release techniques. Like a deep tissue massage from the inside out. Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes. 

60 minutes $100

90 minutes $150

Custom Combination Treatment

For Established Clients - Beyond extraordinary, this custom bodywork session expertly combines individually selected acupuncture points in combination with shiatsu-acupressure, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, cupping, guasha.

75 minutes  $120

90 minutes  $150

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbal consultations are available in office or via Telehealth to address Chronic Lyme's Disease, Seasonal Allergies, Insomnia, IBS, Depression, Anxiety, PCOS, Headaches, and Chronic or Acute Pain. Fees for herbal consultations do not include the cost of the herbal supplements or shipping costs. Please call or email to schedule. 

Gift Certificates + e-Gift Cards

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Cancellation Policy If you need to change or cancel your appointment, please give at least 24 hours notice. With the exception of emergencies, failure to do so will result in being charged the full fee for your appointment. Cancellation fees waived if COVID-19 related cancellation.


What people are saying

Michelle has been astounding helping with all types of issues. I've been sleeping better and some common aches and pains have been relieved. Michelle is holistic in her treatment and has a huge number of tools to provide. I 100% recommend her services! ~Dan



Michelle has helped me to understand my body holistically. She has taught me about the

inter-connectedness of my body systems, the energy channels and how my organs respond to the different stressers of life and life choices. She has a deep awareness of how we are a mix of conditions stemming from life in general and brings the critical skill of insight into her work. A remarkable practitioner!  ~Roddy

Michelle goes above and beyond, showing how passionate she is about her work and her client’s well-being. She doesn’t just focus on symptoms, but the underlying causes and does a great job at explaining Chinese medicine and acupuncture. ~Kassi 

The acupuncture treatments I’ve received from Michelle have helped my pain and anxiety immensely. Her level of calm and compassionate understanding of my situation makes me feel safe and relaxed. I feel very fortunate to have found her. ~Bobby

With each session, my pain and other challenges significantly improved. Michelle is always thorough and professional with a wonderful caring and comforting demeanor. I would highly recommend her. She will continue to be an integral part of my wellness routine. ~Heather


I brought my daughter to see Michelle for lower back pain. She was very friendly and helpful. She started working on my daughter then asked if I would like to try a stress relief treatment. She placed the needles in my ears. That night I had the best night sleep I ever had. My daughter has been back to see her regularly and her back pain is mostly resolved. She really knows how to help when other medical treatments aren't. ~Sharon