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Long Block Building  

16 Franklin Street
Downtown Exeter, NH 

©2016-2020 by Michelle Racine, LAc, MAOM, LMT


Feeling stressed? Are you suffering from body aches, pains or digestive upsets? Are you kept awake at night by racing thoughts and too much worry? I can help with my unique style combining Traditional Chinese Acupuncture with myofascia release and shiatsu-acupressure massage.


Bring your body, heart and mind into harmony - Together we can treat a wide variety of health-related issues. Improve your sleep, calm your mind, achieve better digestion, feel relief from pain, and enjoy more energy.


I am committed to walking with you along your healing journey.

Some health insurance policies pay for acupuncture. Verify Insurance through my website with Holistic Billing. Payment is expected at the time of service, detailed receipts provided if submitting to insurance company for reimbursement.

Accepted forms of payment: Cash, Check, Credit/Debit, Venmo, PayPal and Flexible Health Savings cards.

What people are saying

Michelle is amazing! She has been providing the best service and is able to decode all of the messages my body is giving me. I am sleeping better and my digestion is better than it has been in years. She provides a GuaSha treatment that has improved mobility and eased pain that I have been suffering from for YEARS. I highly recommend Michelle and her practice.   ~ Alexis B. 


I am literally astounded at how much better I feel after just two treatments! Apparently the daily pain and restricted movement I'd come to accept as normal doesn't have to be normal! I cannot express how overjoyed I am by my body's healing response to Michelle's treatment! ~ lisa ann 

I have been seeing Michelle for several months for a chronic pain issue and have achieved great success with her treatments.  I am especially impressed with her understanding of medical conditions from a holistic perspective and her ability to treat multiple symptoms effectively.  I highly recommend her. ~Sheila S.

Michelle has been helpful in improving anxiety and urination issues. During my treatment sessions, she has been courteous, friendly, sympathetic, knowledgeable, and very quick to use any tools she has to improve any condition I am experiencing. I recommend Michelle to any person seeking alternative treatment for any condition.   ~Andy B.