Forest Bathing

Trees Soothe the Spirit

What better way to launch my acupuncture practice then with a reminder about the beauty and healing power of nature. Chinese medicine is based in reestablishing, and maintaining, a dynamic balance between our internal landscape, our body/heart/mind, and our external landscape, the natural environment.

Shinrin Yoku is Japanese for "Forest Bathing." Being in the presence of trees, complete sensory immersion in the forest and other naturally healing environments - a meadow, a mountain, a magical singing brook.

Shinrin Yoku has been part of the Japanese public health program since the 1980s. According to research, they say we don’t need a lot of exposure—but regular contact with trees and the forest as a whole ecosystem appears to improve our immune system and our wellbeing.

This video is from ShinrinYujo,org, an organization dedicated to inspiring and encouraging more connection with nature.

Watch more videos, read about all sorts of participant experiences, even download a free forest bathing starter kit at

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