February 4, 2019

Tomorrow will mark the new year in the Lunar calendar, also known as Chinese New Year. I didn't realize this, but the date of of Chinese New Year changes from year to year, landing somewhere  towards the end of January through mid-February. 

Chinese astrology...

December 31, 2018

In Chinese medicine, our treatments are guided by Eight Principles of Hot/Cold, Yin/Yang, Interior/Exterior and Excess/Deficiency. These principles help differentiate the underlying cause, or root, of whatever imbalances are present. For myself, I have a tendency to ru...

November 29, 2018

Got the sniffles? Here's a tip to use Chinese Medicine at home. Check your fridge for scallions, also known as spring onions. These fragrant little bitters are a great go-to at-home remedy for the early signs of the common cold.

Remove the outer layer, rinse under cold...

November 12, 2018

I’ve always been apprehensive about going to the dentist. When I was in my early twenties I was diagnosed with TMJ and my dentist put me on steroids and a muscle relaxant. That was their treatment plan. My mom encouraged me to ‘take my medicine,’ but I didn’t feel righ...

October 29, 2018

Last weekend I had a wonderful opportunity to participate in a Community Trauma Healing training program provided by Acupuncturists Without Borders (AWB). This non-profit was formed after Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast in 2005. Since then they have offere...

September 30, 2018

To recreate is : “to give new life or freshness to” 
Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Many years ago I trained as a Recreation Therapist and worked with people needing emotional support to reconnect with activities they love as a path of healing. Recreation, leisure and play...

May 19, 2018

I’m a big fan of Sandra Oh, as some of you know as I’ve been binge watching Grey’s Anatomy as of late. I’m not surprised at all to learn that she loves acupuncture. Not only loves it for a once in a while boost, but because she has seen how it has changed her from the...

December 14, 2017

Three times today I've seen people walking about the streets of Boston as if it wasn't absolutely freezing outside! With temperatures dropping below 30F, coupled with a wind or a light drizzle, we are exposed to the elements in ways we need to prepare ourselves for. 


April 7, 2017

Trees Soothe the Spirit

What better way to launch my acupuncture practice then with a reminder about the beauty and healing power of nature. Chinese medicine is based in reestablishing, and maintaining, a dynamic balance between our internal landscape, our body/heart/mi...

November 4, 2016

Tai chi is an ancient Chinese tradition that has evolved over centuries to become a means of alleviating stress and anxiety, a form of "meditation in motion." It has been shown to improve balance control, fitness, and flexibility, and to reduce the risk of falls in old...

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